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From left to right: Councillor Frances Nunziata, Bruno M. Suppa – President of COSTI, Laura Albanese, MPP, Mario J. Calla – COSTI Executive Director

We are excited to announce that COSTI’s Weston Employment Services Centre is officially open to serve the Weston and Mounty Dennis community! COSTI held its Annual General Meeting and hosted an Open House on January 26, 2012 to officially mark the occasion.

Elected officials representing York South-Weston – Mike Sullivan, MP; Laura Albanese, MPP; and City Councillor Frances Nunziata attended the festivities and brought greetings on behalf of the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Located at 35 King Street and funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, COSTI’s Weston Employment Services Centre offers career assessment and planning, job search and placement, job maintenance supports and on-site resources to adults (including newcomer professionals) youth, persons with disabilities and those receiving social assistance. Individuals can also benefit from a range of on-the-job placement/training opportunities relevant to their specific career goals. Exploration of trades apprenticeships, customized job searches and mentoring opportunities are available.

To learn more about the employment services available at our new location, click on the programs listed below:

Career Planning and Assessment Services

Employment Resource Centres

Employment Strategies for Individuals with International Experience

The Mentoring Partnership

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