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The murder of George Floyd has galvanized millions of people around the world to raise their voices against anti-black racism. The time has come for deep and lasting change in our institutions and our own personal views and behaviours.

The biases we hold inform the judgments we make every day. COSTI stands against anti-black racism and systemic violence against the black and Indigenous communities. We must all look within us, reflect and confront our own biases and learn how we can contribute to change by our own actions. To this end, COSTI will start by asking some important questions of ourselves:

  • Do the people we serve, the many immigrants and refugees of colour; feel respected, do they have any difficulty in accessing our services?
  • Do our employees feel respected, do they feel that the workplace is inclusive, do they feel that opportunity is available equitably?

COSTI will work at answering these questions and making whatever change is necessary to ensure an inclusive and equitable workplace. At the same time COSTI will actively support solutions that will bring an end to systemic racism. This time of reflection, education and action for change will help make our communities, city and country become more inclusive and prosperous for all of us and not just some of us.