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Over the next five years, more than half of the skilled tradespeople in Ontario are expected to retire. Four in every ten Ontario businesses that depend on skilled trades are expected to face a shortage of skilled labour. By 2020, an estimated one million new skilled tradespersons will be needed in Ontario.

As the labour market tightens and the need for new apprentices and journeypersons increases, promoting access to the skilled trades for qualified newcomers is a necessity.

The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has developed a number of initiatives to improve access to skilled trades by internationally-trained tradespeople including bridge-training programs to improve qualification recognition.

Newcomers Connecting to Trades Apprenticeship Resources

(NeCTAR) is a bridge training program established to provide information and services to internationally-trained individuals seeking apprenticeship or employment in the skilled trades in Ontario.

NeCTAR has developed a Resource Kit that includes:

This resource kit contains ten modules designed to:

Module One – Trades Apprenticeship in Ontario, provides an overview of the skilled trades and how the trades apprenticeship system works.

Module Two and Three – Becoming a Certified Tradesperson in Ontario, describes certification and apprenticeship – the two pathways an individual with international training can take to practice a skilled trade.

Module Four – The Role of Unions, clarifies the role of the unions and provides information for those considering apprenticeship or employment in a unionized environment.

Module Five – Women in the Trades, provides current information about women in apprenticeship programs and initiatives to support their entry into the skilled trades.

Modules Six through Nine – Trade-specific Information, provides certification, apprenticeship and labour market information specific to four trades – hairstylist, automotive service technician, construction maintenance electrician, and industrial millwright.

Module Ten – Health and Safety, has been developed in partnership with the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers and the Toronto Workers Health and Safety Legal Clinic, to help prevent the injury and illness of immigrant workers.

Role of this website

The role of the NeCTAR website is to enhance the capacity of community agency staff to provide targeted information and services to internationally trained individuals so that they are better able to find an apprenticeship or work in skilled trades.

Resources and Tools in the kit include: